Available on the Open Market. The units are available on the open market at the advertised sale price and have either passed through the pre-emptive right period, or are not subject to a pre-emptive right.


Available subject to a Pre-emptive Right. Initially available for sale only to partners in that partnership until the pre-emptive right period expires (see below). If unsold at that time they will then be available to purchase on the open market at the advertised sale price. Where the pre-emptive right applies non partners can reserve units for purchase at the advertised sale price if they are unsold at the expiry of the pre-emptive right.


These units are in the process of being purchased.

Want to buy?

To arrange purchase of secondary market units, or more information about the secondary market, contact our office.

Pre-emptive Right

There is a pre-emptive right of purchase for partners in the partnership in which units are offered for sale in partnerships 1 to 39. This means that partners in those partnerships have a 28 day right of purchase from the date of the next newsletter (or from the date they are notified of the offer in writing). Only after 28 days can units be sold at the advertised sale price to people not in that partnership. There is no pre-emptive right in partnerships 40 to 63.