Welcome to the 2022 Annual Forests Report. The report provides you with an indication of how your forest is progressing. It also identifies some key management activities and an update on how the Greenplan Secondary Market is going.

We seem to be finally seeing the back of Covid-19. Whilst it has had little impact on the growth of your trees it did manage to stymie any attempts, we had to host a field day and it meant that the AGM was held again online.

We are hoping to hold a field day sometime later this year maybe in conjunction with this years AGM.

The weather has been exceptional again with the summer season not seeming to want to end. As of writing we have had our first good frost this morning and temperatures seem to be falling. Rain has been sporadic over the summer, just enough to keep the forests growing. As we head into the winter months, we are expecting the rains to come. Although it does feel a bit warmer than usual.

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