Dear Greenplan Investors,

It is our pleasure to again mark another year in the life of your forest with the publication of the Annual Forest Report.

As you will know this shows data collected from Permanent Record Plots in the forest. Annual growth is quite slow, relatively speaking, to what will happen later in the forests life.

For example the average data for the 1994 plantings show the following:

  2004 Year 2007 Year
DBH 26.7 33.9
Height 16.1 22.4

[DBH means the diameter of the tree taken at breast height (or at the chest height of the person taking the measure) Height is the total height of the trees in the plot]

So the trees have grown a bit over a meter a year in height and fattened up a bit. These trees are 12 years old, rising to 13 years this coming winter. In another 17 to 18 years at age 30 we would expect them to be 30 to 33 meters high and have a diameter at breast height of 50 cms. So there’s a lot of growing to do yet. A common saying is that a Pinus Radiata tree grows two thirds of its size in the last third of its life.

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