As you know the Government has confiscated the carbon credits of forests planted since 1990.  By this action they are depriving you the forest owner of between $13,000 and $20,000 of income per ha of forest owned.

Government officials, who are the architects of the government’s agenda, are touring the country holding public forums in main centres during February and March to discuss their plans to confiscate your carbon credits and impose substantial new taxes for converting forest land.

It is vital these meetings are well attended by those who oppose the Government’s plans.  We urge you to attend the meeting in your area to support those who are fighting the battle on your behalf and to make yourself heard.  If too few people turn up to make their voice heard, the Government will use that to argue there is support for its plans.  There isn’t and your attendance can ensure the Government and the media hear loud and clear how strongly forest owners feel.  A schedule of meeting dates times and venues is attached.

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