Those of you who have called may have noticed that Deb is back. Still only part time at the moment. Ashley has left and we wish her all the best with her new job. It has been great having her as part of the team.

Not a lot has happened over the previous 12 months. Your trees continue to grow and have grown well during the very hot summer, which seems to be staying with us for the time being. Although we have had one very cold day and night recently. The price of carbon is continuing to improve and you will have noticed with the latest round of Annual fees your entitlement has increased over the last year. Carbon is currently trading in the price range of $6.20 to $6.60 and rising.

We continue to monitor the growth and health of the forests. Pest control is ongoing as is maintenance. Our relationship with our neighbours continues to be good. This is important as they are our eyes and ears when we are not in the field.


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