From the outset Greenplan has had a clear vision of what it will achieve, and how it will maximise the value of its investors returns.

  • As a market leader in the promotion and management of quality forestry investments in New Zealand.
  • As such the company will prove itself to be a competitive niche provider of investments. Competing alongside the best providers of investments in the wider market in terms of quality of product and customer service.
  • Ensuring that everything possible is done to minimise investment risk and maximise returns. Providing products that continue to be recognised as sound options for diversified investment portfolios, and ideal investments for retirement planning, and as family investments.
  • Operating with a high level of social responsibility in every aspect of its business, and respecting the environment it operates in.
  • Being involved, and fully informed, in various aspects of the forest industry, including marketing and processing of forest products, in order to maximise the value of investors returns as investors forests approach maturity.