Greenplan has a strong commitment to running its family business in a socially responsible manner. Not only do we work hard to ensure that our activities are acceptable environmentally, but we also try to ensure that we have a positive social effect, especially within the region and communities in which we operate.

Key elements of Greenplan’s approach are:

  • Supporting the local community through sourcing goods and services locally and employing people within the King Country area, where practical.
  • On a small scale, support is given to local activities through sponsorship. Greenplan encourages and supports its directors and employees to be involved in community organisations. Many of the staff members have an active role in a diverse range of community activities ranging from Search & Rescue volunteers to School Committee members.
  • Allowing supervised community access to Greenplan forests for recreational use (principally fishing), while recognising unauthorised access can be unsafe because of the potentially dangerous nature of some forestry operations.
  • Where there is elite farming land on properties purchased for forestry development, this elite land has been sold to neighbours, or traded for hill country to be planted, thus improving the quality of the neighbour’s farm, and returning hill country to its former state - forest.
  • As Greenplan forests approach maturity, opportunities for processing the timber locally will be explored.