Welcome to the Annual Forest Reports for the year 2022. The reports provide you with an indication of how your forest is progressing. It also identifies some key Management Activities and an update on how the Greenplan Secondary Market is going.

We have commenced Road Lining and Engineering work on the Arapito Forest Partnerships 1 to 8. This work involves building the necessary skid sites, roads, bridges and other work required to get the forest harvest ready. We expect this to commence this upcoming summer. The other forest partnerships will have road lining and engineering commence as required.

As most of you can appreciate it has been a long and winding road to get to this phase of the forest’s life. This is what you could term a long-term investment. As mentioned in last year’s Forests Report we were looking to engage a Harvesting Marketing Manager (H&M Manager). It is with pleasure that engagement has been completed and your new H&M Manager is FMNZ Ltd. A rigorous process was undertaken to make this appointment and we look forward to successful outcomes with them. We also hope to share regular reporting with you.

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