Many months ago, in our December 2009 newsletter, we told you we were working hard on the planned entry of Greenplan into the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). Since then we have continued our efforts, but are still some way from finalising what is turning out to be a very complex undertaking.

We continue to be totally committed to the basic plan we initially outlined. Our plan had two fundamental features; pooling carbon from Greenplan forests to plant more forests to fully mitigate potential carbon liabilities; and aiming to provide dividends to Greenplan investors from selling carbon.

Essentially this means that our first priority is to ensure we continue to establish new forests, or acquire existing forests, to create carbon that offsets the liabilities that are created when we harvest our investors forests, or sell any carbon.

Once we have established sufficient new forests, or acquired existing ones to offset this risk our intention is then to sell excess carbon, and pay dividends to you, our investors. We believe this is a revolutionary development for forestry investment: a projected annual dividend as well as the expected capital return at harvest. Overall investors can expect a greater return from forestry investment.

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