We are getting on with it!

Dennis Neilson of consulting firm DANA Ltd of Rotorua is a highly respected commentator on both New Zealand and international forestry. He travels widely and researches and publishes investigative studies into many facets of the world forest industry. In the August issue of the NZ Journal of Forestry published by the NZ Institute of Forestry he contributed an article titled “Get on with it”! With his permission I have used the important parts of his article to write my version which is “we are getting on with it”. And indeed we are.

You see we are thinking that there is a good few things happening that are starting to change the industry from a decade of pessimism. We think there is reason to be more optimistic and probably time to get out and get on with it. And there are some trends in important areas which Dennis Neilson highlights as being significant and a reason to get on with it.

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